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Today's Specials

Sautéed Pork Tenderloin
Wok-seared caramelized onions in black pepper sauce


grilled salmon with green curry
bar area

Craft Cocktails

Salted Caramel                  14
Espresso | Caramel Vodka | Chocolate Liqueur
Sea salt |caramel sauce 

Grand Classico Negroni          12
Sip Smith Gin | Tempus Fugit Biters | Antica Formula Vermouth

Midnight Old Fashioned          12

Bulleit Bourbon | Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka | Raspberry Marmalade

Draft Beer

Stuborn Beauty - Happy Tree                   9
Allagash – White Ale                                   7
Sea Hag – New England IPA                      7
Stella Artois – Pale Lager                            7